Founded by an enterprising professional looking to educate marketers on the best practices of Digital Marketing Technologies, Digital Acad offers a wide array of top-class accredited Digital Marketing courses covering every spectrum of Digital Marketing segment through the industry’s most credible tutors, for aspiring and current professionals (Students, Working Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, Consultants, etc) in the Digital Marketing field.

Conceptualized by experts, the industry designed and validated courses of Digital Acad are customized in tune with prevalent market trends, providing for specialist knowledge & understanding of what the course subject area is all about, how it relates to today’s business working environment and how it can be turned into successful outcomes that eventually benefits businesses. The course material is constantly updated to reflect current trends while helping students acquire the latest of Digital Marketing skills and knowledge.

The course teaching methodology incorporates a proven four-step learning process: presentation, demonstration, guidance and independent practice on the latest of Digital Marketing technologies, offered on one-on-one basis with each student. Taught by certified tutors carefully selected for their blend of expertise and passion for teaching, the courses not only equip the students with the latest skills but also provide them with the right platform to further their career goals.

With its excellent education-to-employment approach and placement, Digital Acad looks to not only hone the skills of its students but also looks to generate consistent productive talent pipeline that caters to the rigorous demands of today’s marketplace.



To combine the highest academic standards with practical, hands-on learning, expert teaching faculty and the latest technologies that equip the students with the requisite skills and ensure that they are career-ready.



  • Over hundreds of students have benefitted from our courses;
  • Industry accredited courses that offers students with the most innovative and effective practical skills training with exposure to the most effective digital marketing tools & techniques;
  • Courses are taught by certified tutors with in-depth knowledge in their subject area;
  • Courses content are constantly updated in order to provide the most up-to-date skills and practices to the students;
  • Comprehensive practical and hands-on training is offered to each student;
  • Interactive doubt sessions and free back-up classes;
  • Group and individual assignments; &
  • Live and on-demand customized corporate training workshops and seminars.

With Digital Acad, you get the skills to get into the career you’ve always wanted.



A Certificate from Digital Acad will enable you to:

  • Get certified and improve your career prospects;
  • Boost your skills and knowledge that are relevant to prevalent market situations;
  • Build up extensive expert knowledge, which you will be able to apply at a professional level to diverse situations and requirements;
  • Build up the appropriate understanding of the concept and theories that strengthen digital marketing approach, and their relevance to today’s business environment; &
  • Help you place in a good company that will in turn help fuel your career growth.



Young, passionate, and driven to succeed, Tirupati Reddy, founder of Digital Acad, is a huge believer in the vibrancy of Digital Technologies and the immense power and reach of Digital Marketing. Powered by this belief, Tirupati Reddy started Digital Acad that today provides a wide array of high-quality Digital Marketing courses, including on subject-areas like SEO, SMM, etc, as well as a comprehensive array of rich-quality digital marketing services including website designing, SEO / SMM solutions, etc.

He possesses rich experience of Digital Technologies and Digital Marketing, covering areas from strategy to implementation and performance; his canvas of skills includes Google Certified Adwords Professional, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Start-Up Consulting and Business Process Improvement. Further, he has been an integral part of different teams that managed Digital Marketing campaigns for some leading corporate brands.

His clear understanding of how Digital Technologies and Digital Marketing can transform today’s businesses has also driven him to work with owners and managers of small and medium sized businesses and guide and support their attempts to harness the power of Digital Technologies and use digital tools for enhancing their business growth and profitability.

In case you’re looking to use Digital Marketing for elevating your marketing campaign or looking to equip your employees / students with Digital Marketing skills, then you’re welcome to have a conversation with him and find out how best your requirements can be met and handled.
Contact him at +91-9010048899

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